Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Here is the list of the ways that you can make money online with Google:

1. Google Adsense

Whenever you consider any plans to make money online, one of the earliest names that you would consider is undoubtedly Google Adsense. Whether you have a rather small website or an absolutely large one, Google’s AdSense will help you make money online with equal ease.

2. AdWord:

Its fundamental purpose is to help marketer in advertising their products online efficiently and with maximum impact. So if you are serious about understanding how to make money with Google, it is important to install Adwords along with AdSense for the complete impact.

People who have already installed are making millions of dollars in revenue, and also it acts significantly well in helping boost the viewership of your webpage.

3. YouTube:

If you are an active internet user, you know it for a fact that the Youtube is one of the handiest sources for any kind of video reference.

4. The Google Search Engine:

If you want to make money with Google, you have to undertake deep research in identifying the most appropriate search words. Your expertise in identifying the search words or the keywords would ultimately define your relative success in monetizing the advantage.

An improved Google rating automatically brings in a better scope of making money online.

5. Blogger:

Those who are professional bloggers would have surely heard about this Google offering.

Just like WordPress or Tumbler, it is a free blogging platform that you can help to make money online. The dynamics of Google blogger works pretty much like any other blog.

Once you have a steady flow of viewers who regularly visit your website, it is time for you to explore ways to make money online.

6. Google Wallet:

It was a payment-handling platform that has now merged itself with the broader Google program. The big advantage of this concept from Google is that it helps you boosting the overall conversions and the profit rates significantly.

7. Google Maps:

Did you know that you can also make money from this Google app?

You can earn money from Google Map in more than five different ways.

  • Location Review

  • Add Photos

  • Answer Queries

  • Edit Location Information

  • Add Missing Locations

8. Google Keyword Planner:

The key purpose of this innovative feature is that it helps you identify words and phrases for optimizing search engine. You have to patiently work towards implementing the results of the Keyword Planner and eventually reap benefits.

9. Offer Your Expertise on Google Features:

One of the most challenging aspects of Google features is that it is not very simple to comprehend. If you have gained particular expertise in the use and application of any of these features, be it Adsense, Adwords or Keyword Planner, you can easily offer consulting services in these services and make money with Google.

10. Write About Google:

You can write various books about each of the Google features and make money with Google. Your books can be about anything from how to use to how to implement to the benefits of adopting these features in your website or online initiative.

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