Updated: Feb 18, 2020

By using effective keyword research tools we rank well in search engines for specific topics to drive traffic to our site and promote our products and/or services by enhancing our marketing effectiveness.

We recommend "Keyword Researcher" to discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google AutoComplete, Organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and write SEO-Optimized Articles for your website.

Ever wondered how to find Long Tail Keywords for website?

When we use Google, we may notice a little drop-down box that represents their attempt to predict what we're about to type next. For example when we type the phrase "How does a website..." then Google assumes we might be looking for:

How does a website make money

How does a website work

How does a website server work and how does a website help a business

These are some interesting keywords...Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to save all these keywords--so we could add them to our website content? Well that is where Keyword Researcher comes in! Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use Keyword Discover Tool. Once activated, it emulates a human using Google Autocomplete, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google. Each time a partial phrase is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. We simply save this prediction. And, as it turns out, when we do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then we're left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases. Do we need to Organize Keywords and Import CSV Files from the Google Keyword Planner?

Keyword Researcher can turn a list of thousands of keywords, into an actionable SEO Strategy. It is designed to make the entire SEO process flow smoothly--from keyword generation, to content publishing, and all the steps in between. We've tried to think of everything! Keyword Researcher is free to try out! TRY IT HERE.

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